2017 South Korea Tour Day 7 & 8. Friends, Cheonan, Goodbyes

I’ve always loved learning different kinds of culture. You must be surprised but because I am a sageuk (historical) drama fan, I came to know many of the historical figures in Korea.

For this post, let me show you my last two days in SK.

Day 7
– Visited my friends in Cheonan
– Independence Hall of Korea

Day 8
– Jongmyo Shrine
– Ginseng at Lotte Mall Duty Free Shop


Day 7

Independence Hall (Cheonan, South Korea)

It was literally a long walk but a good one. I was in awe and I felt how grand it was. This place is too big to walk around. There are 7 exhibition halls and I got to enter each one of these halls. It was an educational walk starting from the pre-historic Korea up to the liberation from Japanese regime. It was very organized that I wish I could see one in my country.

The Grand Hall.

The Independence Hall of Korea displays Korean historical documents and relics from the past to the present, focusing on the independence movements of the Japanese Colonial Period. Originally the interim Government Building of Korea in China, the building was brought over to Korea after the nation was liberated from Japanese colonial rule on August 15, 1945. The Independence Hall officially opened on the anniversary of Independence Day on August 15, 1987 and now boasts seven exhibition halls, the Circle Vision Theater, and other facilities commemorating Korea’s struggle for freedom. (Source: Visit Korea website)

Monument of the Nation

The monument to the nation which expresses the soar of the nation resembles the wings of a bird flying up in the sky and the hands folded to make a prayer. It expresses the perpetual spirit of the nation in the past, present and future. It also holds the will towards sovereignty and independence of the nation. There is a sculpture carving of the althea and Taegeukgi on the front and back. There are mosaic pieces that symbolizes the four faithfuls, Cheongryeong, Baekho, Jujak and Hyeonmu, on the four sides in the monument. It is a large structure that is 51m high. (Source: Independence Hall of Korea website.)



The Statue of Indomitable Koreans


Meeting friends

It has been 10 years since I last met them. It’s always amazing to have friends from other parts of the globe. I love them both! Meet my friends Freddie and Joanne. They were very supportive and I found out we are recently crazy about one Korean TV drama: Goblin. She gave me a photo book!*cries*



Day 8

Jongmyo Shrine

My flight back home was 4:00 in the afternoon. I still have half a day to go around. Plus, I had to go back to Lotte Duty Free in Myeongdong to buy fresh ginseng for my parents. Since the store opens a bit late, I decided to go to Jongmyo Shrine. I was lucky to witness a ceremony.

Jongmyo is the supreme state shrine where the spirit tablets of the deceased kings and queens are enshrined and sacrificial rites are performed for them based on Confucian principal.

Hall of Eternal Peace
Fish Head protecting the houses and buildings
IMG_0651 (2)
King’s carriage. I am not quite sure if it is a real one. When I looked at it closely, I just thought it was too small… hehe
IMG_0652 (2)
Walking around Jongmyo.  I love the colors. It’s just spring so I wonder how it looks in fall.
Things used during the ceremonies

Travel tips:

1. I didnt know I could get to Cheonan for a lesser cost. I worried that my T money was not enough to cover for my fare so I reloaded. Then after reloading, I’ve learned that I could go to Cheonan without using the KTX! In fact, it was just one ride without transfer from my hotel. Cool~

2. It was a relaxing trip. By the way, I didnt buy any agency package. I planned and researched all the places I went to. So, I didnt have to force my self to wake up very early. I can travel at my own pacing.

3. I am a regular viewer of a top Korean travel variety show 2 Days 1 Night so I already have ideas on which places i’d like to go to.

4. My flight back to Aklan was 4:55 in the afternoon Philippine time. I took the subway to Seoul station. By 1:00 I was already traveling back to the airport. It was my first time to be in SK and the airport is too big that I had to take shuttle train inside the airport. I was just right in time because I just waited for around 30 mins before the boarding.

5. The decision of taking Aklan International Airport instead of going to manila was for convenience. First, the queue in the immigration is not that long compared to that in Manila. You can check which departure point is convenient for you. Second, it’s cheaper! I had more or less 3k CEBPAC promo fare going to SK (cheaper than flight Manila-Incheon), and a bit over 7k back via Airasia (It’s summer in the Phils that’s probably the reason why the fare back is more expensive.)

6. I just dont like airbnb because it is expensive. Their site didnt give me exact amount in the search. I learned that they are adding more charge if you are traveling with others. Agoda.com gave me good deals.

7. Agoda mobile app is better than the PC version. There are some deals which are cheaper in mobile app but expensive in web version.

Useful Sites:
https://www.agoda.com/ ( As I know Agoda has special arrangements with hotels.)


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