Iloilo My Love – Isla Gigantes & Sicogon Island

All for the love of the summer fun!

I will be filling this up with stories about my trip to Isla Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo. For now, please refer to the details below:

Accommodation: New Beach Head Resort, Barosbos, Carles, Iloilo 

Friday Night: Dinner and overnight stay at New Beach head

Island Hopping at Isla Gigantes
– Tangke Lagoon
– Sand Bar
– Isla Antonia (lunch buffet)
– Cabugao Gamay

Sicogon Island

Port of Entry: Bancal Port, Carles, Iloilo
Port of Exit: Estancia Port

Ferry Boat Rent: Php7,000 (Sicogon trip included)
Maximum passenger: 20pax

Lunch buffet c/o Nong Christopher Salao: Php150/pax

Environmental fee: Php75.00

Entrance fees:
– Tangke: Php20.00
– Cabugao Gamay: Php50.00
– Isla Antonia: Php40.00

Bus Fare:
Iloilo City to Carles : Php206.00
Estancia to Iloilo City: Php160.00

Alternative Route: Iloilo City to Balasan: Php160.00

Balasan to Carles – (No Data. My group was picked up from Balasan)

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