My South Korea Tour – Day 1 Suwon & Yeouido)

Itinerary Arrival   ->  Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung   -> Yeouido Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival  ->  LG Headquarters (LG twin Towers) -> Han River Philippines and South Korea has 1 hour difference. We left Kalibo International Airport (KLA) in a red eye flight (around 1:50am) Philippine time and arrived at Incheon International Airport a bit earlier than … Continue reading My South Korea Tour – Day 1 Suwon & Yeouido)


2017 South Korea Tour Day 5. Bonding with Korean Friends

Itinerary Shilla Stay Hotel ==> Shinsegae Department store ==> Hadongkwan Restaurant ==> Deoksugung ==> Myeongdong Gyoza ==> Dinner at Jokbal Restaurant   Accommodation: Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun, 71 Sambong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea - Shinsegae Department store - lunch at Hadongkwan - ( - Deoksugung Palace - walk along Seoul City Hall Area - meal at Myeongdong Kyoja … Continue reading 2017 South Korea Tour Day 5. Bonding with Korean Friends

My South Korea Tour: Pre-departure

Point of Departure: Kalibo International Airport (KLA), Kalibo, Aklan Prepare for Terminal Fee (Php750) and Travel Tax (Php1650). My friends and I live in Iloilo City, the City of Love. It takes about 4 hours to go to Kalibo, Aklan by bus. We decided to take the KLO because it's cost-saving! Convenient. This airport is … Continue reading My South Korea Tour: Pre-departure

How to Fill out Korean Visa Application Form

Below are some common confusion points when filling out the Korean Visa Application form. Please read through this post to guide you in completing the Form.   General Instruction from the Embassy You must fill out this form completely and correctly. You must write in BLOCK letters either in English or Korean. For multiple-choice questions, … Continue reading How to Fill out Korean Visa Application Form

Getting Korean Visa

Yes right. Let me join the bandwagon, too! Before you reached my page, you must have read other popular blogs already. Well, hope you wouldn't mind reading mine, too. Let me start this with some of my background information. Who knows! Maybe we are in the same situation.  Filipino, living in the beautiful Island of … Continue reading Getting Korean Visa

My South Korea Dream

Let me start this blog with this beautiful quote from the drama series Goblin. “Your choice is the only answer in your life”  -Kim Shin, Goblin: The Lonely and the Great God (2016, Korean Drama) This quote struck me, and made me reflect on my everyday life. I am admittedly a long time Kdrama fan. … Continue reading My South Korea Dream