Pay It Forward

Each of us surely has one person who inspired us to be better… to look at life in a brighter perspective.

I have mine and this person’s encouragement left great impact to the younger me that’s why I owe a lot to that person.

…so I am paying it forward.

I dedicate this blog to everyone with similar experiences with me. My voice may be too small to be heard in this chaotic world but just as they say “kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” …that they may be inspired by my experiences, and see the world as I see it through my lenses.

I’d like them to know that I was once frustrated about life too. All of us did at some point…

But, this I realize, no matter what difficulties we have, if we keep on dreaming and working hard for it, life has so much to offer for us… because life is simply beautiful!